Paola Munoz Briones

Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Graduate Student

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Paola is a second-year graduate student in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at UW-Madison. She works with Dr. Styliani Avraamidou on developing decision-making tools based on optimization techniques to promote the transition toward sustainable food supply chains. Paola obtained her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador and later gained industry experience as a consultant for Hazard Communication Programs. In Fall 2022, Paola joined the Avraamidou group, and in Spring 2024, she became a PhD candidate. In addition to her academic and career pursuits, Paola enjoys teaching and dancing salsa, cooking Ecuadorian dishes, and playing tennis.


Paola’s research interests involve sustainable food supply chains, circular economy assessment, techno-economic analysis, life-cycle assessment, and multi-objective optimization.


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