Parth Brahmbhatt

Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Graduate Student




Parth Brahmbhatt holds a B.E. degree in Chemical Engineering with a distinguished gold medal from MS University of Baroda, India. After graduation, he worked in the fertilizer industry to gain real-world knowledge on plant-level optimization and control. His academic journey continued at the IIT Bombay- India, where he pursued an M.Tech. degree in Chemical Engineering. He did his research at SCEPTRE lab focusing on the development of Digital Twins for large-scale water distribution networks. In the fall of 2023, Parth embarked on a new academic chapter, joining the research group led by Prof. Avraamidou as a Ph.D. scholar, where he delves deeper into the intricate field of Optimization. In addition to his academic endeavors, Parth has a passion for outdoor sports and a strong enthusiasm for playing FPS games like Call of Duty.


Multiparametric Programming, Neural network-based Surrogate Modeling and Optimization, Graph Theory, and Graph-based Optimization.


1. Parth Brahmbhatt, Abhilasha Maheshwari, and Ravindra D. Gudi. “Digital twin assisted decision support system for quality regulation and leak localization task in large-scale water distribution networks.” Digital Chemical Engineering 9 (2023): 100127.[Link]